Together – With God – Among the People, 900 Years Order of Prémontré

Together – With God – Among the People, 900 Years Order of Prémontré

When we hear the words such as “web,” “net,” “site,” or “link,” we spontaneously think of the worldwide internet. We would almost forget that these words existed long before there was such a thing as the internet.

From this fact appears how in a short time the internet has become something that we can no longer ignore in our daily life. It gives us endless possibilities to communicate with each other, to hear news, to share photos, you name it. It immerses us in an endless stream of information.

Traditionally, “being and Order,” means a shared way of life and, above all and therefore, exchanging information.

The words we use when talking about the internet reveal much about the intent of communication through this medium. A “web” is a fine fabric woven with great care and attention. A “net” is carried by many carefully knotted threads that are joined together to create an orderly pattern that connects the nodes. The word “link” therefore speaks of being connected together, relationships with a connotation of the solidarity of a chain with shackles and clasps. And a “site” is a space, a place to stay, to meet and to move on.

The new website is thus without doubt, an asset for the possibilities of communication and exchange of information within the network that is our Norbertine Order, and beyond with those who want to get to know us better.

I would, therefore, like to express my heartfelt thanks to St. Norbert Abbey of De Pere and in particular, Fr. David Komatz.

May the new website be a tool to strengthen and grow “communio” within our Order and with all those interested.

Jos Wouters, O.Praem., Abbot General of the Norbertine Order

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